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Unique trendy infant, baby, toddlers and children's leather moccasins. 

Who's Cha Cha?

My Story

  Hello I’m Morgan or you can call me Cha Cha my childhood nickname! Thank you for taking the time to glance into my world. My life’s obsession has always been fashion. From wearing high end designer clothing. To dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. I’ve always strived for keeping up on today’s styles. My personal wardrobe has always been extreme! Even as a child I didn’t miss a beat in my day to day attire. My senior year of high school I only had one goal, to wear a different outfit to school every day. And to be named “Best Dressed” in my high school yearbook, YES I did it! (Shh!! Don’t tell my parents). From every outfit I wore, to my jewelry right down to the shoes on my feet I never missed an accessory. As a toddler my life revolved around tutu’s and tiara’s, and that’s when my name turned to life. “Cha Cha”. I don’t even know when my family even started calling me that. It’s just a name I’ve always known.

   My life took an unexpected turn a few years ago when my family was blessed with my parents adopting my little brother. It was unplanned for my entire family. My brother spent the first year of his life in foster care before we became his forever home. He is why my career choice took a bit of a detour. My ideas of living in a big fancy city being front and center of some type of fashion, wasn’t as important anymore. When it came time for college being far from him was unsettling. So I went away with a less than 2 hour drive. The next thing I knew my pinterest boards became about toddler boys fashion!  Making sure my little brother was the coolest looking kid around. He became my fashion inspiration! As I was shopping in the cutest little boutique I discovered tiny baby Moccasins not in his size. I had to get them for my brother! I then had one of those “light bulb” moments! The sewing machine came out, and the sketches began. Moccasin line came to life!  I hope you and your trendy little ones enjoy my new idea of high end fashion. 

Thank you for visiting,

Cha Cha xoxo