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Unique trendy infant, baby, toddlers and children's leather moccasins. 

Solid Moccasins

Moccasins "Shimmery Gold" Bows


Moccasins "Shimmery Gold" Bows


Our leather Moccasins are made with the highest quality 100% genuine leather. Moccasins are all handmade. They are made with genuine cow hide. Occasionally moccs may show signs of imperfections or scaring. Mocs are made to be as close as identical as possible however being hand made no two shoes will be completely identical. We examine all our leather used, imperfections will be minor. 

These moccasins are available in 4 size options:

Size 1-  0-3 months; 4.25 inches heel to toe.

Size 2-  3-6 months; 4.5 inches heel to toe.

Size 3-  6-12 months; 5 inches heel to toe. 

Size 4- 12-18 months; 5.25 inches heel to toe.

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100% Genuine Leather Moccasins. With 15 different colors available in tassels and 14 different colors available with bows. So many choices to choose from, so many different options for such cute outfits. These moccasins are made with an elastic band around the ankle area for easy slip on and off.